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i don't do january
feet by holli
but hey, january is so last month. so here i am.

and can i just say, do i dare say, i think there may be a tiny flicker of light at the end of this big ol' dark tunnel! things are improving but they've been deproving for so long now i'm scared i'll jinx anything good that might soon happen, so i'm just not going to say for sure just yet.

sorry i know that was not the easiest thing to understand.

today i:
woke up with a headache but i refuse to let it beat me;
am working on a collage i started last night after weeks, nay, months of procrastination;
went grocery shopping and fondled avocados;
did some laundry; (my washing machine leaks all over the garage floor. but hey, clothes gotta get clean.)
am watching a new storm blow in;
am alternately wondering and marveling and despairing at people on the internets;
playing with zasu.

and its still early i got hours and hours to do more important things.

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yay for collage.

and how IS zasu?

oh your avatar is so sweet!

um, did i mention on here that zasu was not well in december? she's still not 100% but she's better than she was then, and she's eating/sleeping well and perkier. she still breathes so heavy, though. i can't wait til we have a regular reliable income again, then i'm taking her to the vet.

how's everything with you, ann?

i don't remember hearing that zasu was sick but that doesn't mean anything since i can't seem to remember anything anyway. regardless she is adorable and i hope that she is well soon!

i'm okay, just busy with school. and want to be done. but then i also don't want to be done. maybe it's just too much at once.

woops, i hate when i do that. that was me.

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