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10 good things that happen after christmas
feet by holli
1. The clock seems to stop - all the pressure and rushing around ends and time stands still. There is no more timetable, no more due dates, or deadlines. We got nothing but time, time, time! Which leads to item number 2 -

2. My internal alarm clock goes away. That thing in me that makes me wake up at 6:30 every single day, even Sunday, even in the summer, no matter what - it just stops. I slept til 9 this morning! whoo! It's probably due to exhaustion, but whatever. No complaints here.

3. I don't have to cook for a week! Well, not serious cooking anyways. Everyone's happy with turkey sandwiches and leftovers.

4. No more Christmas music! *le happy sigh*

5. Those inflatable santa's and snowmen all my neighbors have on their lawns are left shriveled up on the grass! huzzah! death to inflatable santa's and snowmen!

6. There is a lot more room in my freezer now that the turkey is gone.

7. We still have half a pan of fudge left, and nobody we have to share it with!

8. We got enough dvd's as gifts to keep us occupied for at least another week.

9. The stores have already got rid of the Christmas stuff - and replaced it with Valentine's/St Pat's Day stuff.

10. I am free to redecorate and play with my house again (all the painting and mucking around was put on hold til after the holidays.) First up, paint and do something with my entry.

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i'm with you! i am so happy to finally have a break and not feel rushed, stressed, or under pressure!

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