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I am unwell.
Woke up around 4am with a headache and it has not left my side all day.  Its the kind that makes you weak and cotton-headed, in addition to the pain.  It seems to be subsiding just a bit now, though this has happened a couple times earlier today and just when I thought it was really going away and started to relax it came raging back worse than ever.  But I hope it really is quitting. I like a headache that's a quitter.

Its really dreary here today, possibly that has something to do with said headache.  Oh, I've heard people say that the weather can't really affect headaches, that its all in your mind, but that's where the headache is, you know - my mind.  And all I know is that when the weather starts to get dreary and overcast this time of year, when the pressure starts to fall, I occasionally wake up with headaches. *shrug*

In spite of pain, I had to go grocery shopping this morning. I had no easy food in the house.  And it's a lucky thing I did go, as I found myself the recipient of a free turkey! Huzzah!  Lovely!  I didn't know anything about this free turkey giveaway thing - maybe they had signs in the store, I don't know.  I wasn't up to reading anything, just following my cart wherever it went, throwing bread, jugs of milk, cheez-its and sudafed in as I crept through those aisles.  Impulse buy of the day: yorke peppermint patties. Mmmmm.  So the checkout person (was it a man or a woman?  I can't remember, I think woman - I remember the voice was annoyingly high-pitched) asked me "and, would you like a free turkey?"  For a moment, just a split second there, I considered saying "oh no thank you i can't deal with that right now." Thank goodness I wasn't that far gone and instead I said "sure."  

So, now I have a nice 15lb turkey in the freezer.  That should feed 12 people.  Thanksgiving is happening with or without me.


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