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feet by holli
I love this time of year.  Autumn always has such a sense of expectancy attached to it. I can see all these things coming in the next months, lots of entertaining for holidays - we're starting it off with hosting my husband's family for Thanksgiving. Lots of chores to be done in the garden, buttoning things down for winter.  We've already started clearing out the last of the vegetables from the garden - carrots, tomatoes, radishes - all done for the year.  Sunset magazine had an article recently about growing winter lettuces, and I was sorely tempted to try, but we've never had good luck with lettuce here.  Frankly, I kind of like when we just let winter take over the yard, anyways, and don't try to produce anything from it.  I have other projects I'm more interested in pursuing now.  For one thing, rain barrels. But that's just the beginning of an idea at this time.  I'll write more about it later if it actually works out.

Also expect lots of downtime, and cold time, too.  So I'm working on things to blunt that chill.  The other day I put together enough bean soup mix to get us through April.  I love 15-bean soup for dinner on winter nights - so warm and hearty.  And very filling, just some good bread on the side and you're set.  I used to just get the little bags of 15-bean soup mix at the grocery and follow the directions on the back, but the last time I did that, the bag seemed to be more split peas than other types of beans.  Also, the recipe seems pretty minimal.  So I went searching for a better recipe and think I found a winner.  Also putting together my own mix of beans so I could minimize the things we love less (like split peas) has worked out really well so far.  It's nice to know that we always have the makings of this on hand.  And, as a bonus, it fills this decorative jar on my counter quite nicely!
bean soup

Also, planning to knit a blanket this winter.  I have a pattern that I made for a friend for Christmas many years ago - it turned out so nice, as soon as it was finished I immediately thought I'd make one for us someday.  This seems like a worthy project for the next few months.  Need to go through my giant box of yarn and see what I have, what I need.  More on that later, I guess.


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