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my life
feet by holli
has been a whirl lately, so much going on.

* you know those annoying 'light at the end of the tunnel' hints i was dropping last month? yes! things are going perfectly! wayne is again gainfully employed. actually, gainfully employed x 2! he's working one consulting job at a pretty large company locally. only a 9 week contract, but the best thing about it is that its such a high profile company that it looks so wonderful on his resume, and, given that it is going so well and they like him so much, there is a possibility that it will lead to more work for this high profile company that i don't think i should mention by name. but better still, he's also just started a second consulting job for another company, this one based in los angeles. he did a lot of work for this company in 2007-08, and they really liked him a lot, but with the recession they had to drastically cut back on hiring last year, especially with consultants. now this year, they are, unfortunately, hurting because the person within their company who was taking over for w really didn't know what he was doing and messed up their sox stuff for the auditors. so now it's a big mess and they came back to w to bail them out. what makes this opportunity better for us, though, is that they didn't just give him a consulting job (well, its on a consulting basis for the first 3 months, but then . . .) they offered him the job direct, which would mean benefits and better pay and job security and wonderful things like that. the only hitch is - we have to move to los angeles.
* we're probably going to move to los angeles!
* having lived in this house for so long, and being that everyone in this house is a pack rat, i cannot begin to state just how huge this job of moving house is going to be. i mean, this whole thing about moving only came up last friday, and we spent our entire weekend making up a list of all the many, many, MANY things that we must do. first of all, we have to go through all our personal junk and decide what is worth hauling down to l.a., and then get rid of the stuff that isn't worth it. there is much craig's listing and ebaying already begun. when we have pared our belongings down to a manageable level, we then get to work on a long, long, LONG list of repairs and things we have to do to make this place ready to . .. to . . . . to do whatever we will end up doing. hoping to just be able to rent it out, but we might have to sell. we'll see. either way, there is a lot of house paint in my future.
* i'm actually very, very excited about this prospect of moving to los angeles. when i was a kid, we moved constantly. my family moved just about every year. heck, one year we moved 3 times! it was a very unsettled existence, not really anything i would recommend, particularly if one has small children. but, the point is, i grew up on the move. and then when i married wayne, we settled down pretty hardcore. we've lived in our house for over 20 years. there have been times i felt restless, but i was always able to push it aside and just pay attention to living my life. now, with this looming, i find i'm just thrilled with the opportunity to go to a new place, make a new home, and experience new things. obviously there are things i will miss about the bay area - it is probably my favorite place in the world at this point. but, its not like northern california is going to go away, we just won't be living in it for awhile. also, if we are able to rent this house out, then it will still be here if we are able to come back someday.
* i've also been having some amazing ideas for some art projects so on top of everything else, my mind is just racing with that.
* spring training games start today! huzzah! i have missed my giants soooo much. of course, that is one thing that will be bad about moving to l.a. - dodgerville. booooo. thank god for!

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well, i'll always be a giants fan. and phillies, pffft.

but thanks. =) its so exciting!

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